3 Startups which sound dull but are so damn practical

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Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, jazzy robots which clean your house whilst giving you a blozza; some fields catch all the attention in the world of startups. But what about the downright practical ideas? The cag-in-a-bag ideas of innovation? Where’s the love for those?

Well, right here my friends. Whilst out and about I’ve come across a few new businesses which, whilst not being the sexiest of ideas, made me think, damn that’s worth having huh.

So here they are 3 brilliantly boring start ups which probably won’t give you little tech boners but may earn a space in your life.

1# Rentuu

Need a drill to fix your shelf? Need a guitar because you lied to a girl on Tinder and need to learn to play? Rentuu got your back. Choose what you need to rent from their site, they will drop it off to you and pick it up when you’re done. With GoPro’s for £2.50 a day, they may just be onto something. Whilst the range isn’t great yet, this is one to keep an eye on if you prefer not to have lots of crap in your house.

2# Labrador

Labrador is one of those startups which becomes exciting when you reach the age of 25. They have made a clever little box which attaches to your energy smart-meter to make sure you’re always on the best deal. Changing energy providers is long AF so you set how much you want to save before it’s worth the effort. Once it finds that saving, it swaps you onto a new tariff. So, if your trigger is £100, the Retriever box won’t switch tariffs unless it’s going to save you at least £100 a year. Anything which helps me avoid calling British Gas ever again in my life is a winner.

3# Safe to Net

Safe to Net is tackling a big topical issue, kids safety online. Whilst potentially the ‘anti-cool’ app, Safe to Net interests me because one day I know I’m going to have a melt about how much time my 10-year-old is online. This little app allows you to regulate internet usage in your home. It has the tools you would imagine like letting you set how long kids can be online for etc, but what is really cool is how it regulates content. This intelligent learning software learns behaviours and blocks dangerous content kids may come into contact with. Yep, it automatically blocks things like abuse, aggression, cyberbullying and extortion so the kids never even realize it was nearby. The more it learns the better it gets.


Sum up: 

So there you go, a little love for the less sexy startups. Sometimes it’s the smart minds, looking at everyday boring things in a different way, which actually improve our day to day.  Would you use any of these? Let me know.

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