How it feels to have 12 micro-needles pulled across your face

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Obsessed is a strong word. I don’t use it often but when it comes to skin, I am completely obsessed. In the search to overthrown my poor genetic deal which has left me pink and pimply, I have changed my diet, tried a million products and even given up alcohol.

As my skin has improved massively over the past year, my focus has moved to getting rid of the scars spots left. Literally, as if the pimple trauma wasn’t enough, it decided to stick around, morphed into little dark patches on my cheeks. This new scar obsession led me to try Dermapen. I chose the Clapham clinic of Premier Laser & Skin because it had good reviews and a free consultation (free = win).

Because so many people asked me what was happening to my poor red face on my Insta story, so here is a little review of what’s it’s like to have super fast stabbing needles dragged over your face

Firstly, what is Dermapen?

I like to call it StabbyMcFace Pen. Dermapen is a form of micro-needling, if you don’t know what that is, think of it as super fast, intense, acupuncture. This pen-like contraption has 12 micro needles in the tip which puncture quickly into your skin. The depth is set based on what effects you want to see. For me, it was set to 1.5mm as you need to get deeper into the skin to improve scars (vs say wrinkles). The aim is to traumatise the skin to make natural healing processes kick in.

It looks like this👇. The pen is moved over your face in strip actions, making sure every part of affected skin is treated.


This looks pretty painful, right? But actually, you turn up 40 minutes early to have numbing gel applied so it’s not. It’s not a sexy experience. After they gel you up, your face is wrapped in cling film to help it absorb. Leaving you looking like a tasty leftover from Sunday lunch, which actually now I think of it, I do find leftovers quite sexy…



The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes and feels like a firm vibrating on your face (take your mind out the gutters guys). In a weird way, I almost enjoyed it, except the bony areas like your nose of jawline which are a bit more ouchy. After the session, you are left looking like you have some very very intense sunburn. I would recommend bringing a hat to hide under.



The first session I had took about 5 days to heal and was fairly painful and dry. I actually decided I wasn’t going to do it again because it felt so uncomfortable. But after layers or Pure Hyaluronic Acid and pure Aloe Vera gel, my face got better and after 2 weeks, I loved the results. I also have some great new products gifted from Dermapen to try for my next treatment so keep an eye out for the review.

My skin reacted far better to the second session and I wasn’t left looking like I had been slapped around the face with an iron. the second time my skin had adapted a the redness went within a day.  Here is a pic from day 2 after the treatment, not bad huh. The results improve for the next 2-4 weeks but when I’ve finished my treatment plan I’ll post the honest before and after pics.


Sum up:

If you are trying to remove tough acne scars or wrinkles,  I rate Dermapen. Whilst I have not had active acne for some time, the procedure is also a treatment option for active acne, just chat to your local clinic to find out the options.  It isn’t cheap at around £180 a session and you do need a few sessions, but as a non-chemical option to acne treatment, I would recommend it. Are you considering getting Stabby Mc Face stabbed? Let me know how it goes.

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