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I do love a selfie. If you follow my Instagram you know I have even reached levels of narcissism where I use pics of me to promote my writing. How millennial of me.

Because I’m such a selfie queen I headed to the Saatchi Gallery for the ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression’ exhibition in collaboration with Huawei. A journey through self-indulgence and expression, you need to catch this exhibition before it closes on September 6th. Plus, it’s free!

The exhibition starts with walls and walls of TV screens showing the origins of self-portraits from the greats. Frida Kahlo sits across from Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud as we see painted self-portraits before ‘the gram’ existed. Smart phones sit alongside allow you to ‘like’ your faves.

The next room pay homage to the viral selfie sensations of the past few years. Those mental Russian kids who kept climbing tall buildings, the star studded selfie shot by Bradley Cooper at the Oscars and that dude who kept posing with model photos.

Move next to a room filled with some of the best selfie photography out there. From Cindy Sherman to Tracey Emin all the way through to social media newcomers like Juno Calypso, if you don’t follow her, you need to.

Throughout this exhibition, you will find interactive pieces such as Daniel Rozin’s ‘Pom Pom mirror’ in which strange coloured fluff mirrors your presence.

You will also see a selection of work shot on Huawei P10 phones from their photography competition, inspiring you to get shooting pics yourself.

This exhibition is fun and lighthearted. And I mention it’s FREEEE!

Sum up:

For me this event was: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐
Perfect for 👍 : An afternoon of art which is interesting but easy
Not perfect for 👎: People who hate pop culture
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