The hard but effective way to beat acne

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I know there are shit loads of articles about acne. But let’s be honest, it’s the most frustrating thing so I’m not surprised we all like to whine about it on blogs. Over the years I have tried lots of things to improve my skin and finally, after making BIG changes, it’s getting better.

In this article, I’m not going to tell you to wash your face or not pick spots because if you’ve ever had a spot in your life, you know that. Instead, I’m going to give you the hard-to-do, tough compromise, but truly effective steps to take to clear up your skin. Getting rid of acne isn’t easy so if you’re weak of will, stop reading now.


As nobody reads a full page anymore, I’ll do the most important ones first.


#1 Ditch daily makeup

Yep I know you’re thinking “Fuck that, I need makeup to hide my face”, but this is crucial. Until February I legit had never gone past Lidl at the end of my road without makeup. The idea of showing my blotchy, pimply face to the world was nauseating. But one day, I took a big breath and did it. I walked sheepishly into my work, no one batted an eyelid and that was it. Just fucking try it. Do 3 days and tell me you don’t feel better. Plus you can stay in bed longer as you don’t have to paint your face! WINNER! Since I ditched all face makeup (except mascara), my skin and confidence have improved.


 #2 Cut down on booze

Again, sorry guys but the hard ones are the most effective. Out of everything I have cut from my diet, nothing made as much of a difference to my acne as alcohol. Alcohol is super sugary. Sugar is bad for your skin and teeth. See if you can cut down excessive drinking, I did it and you can read my journey here.


#3 Wear suncream

I rate sunscreen so much. I use Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid SPF 30, 89 ml / 3 oz. every single day, rain or shine instead of a moisturiser. I can’t say why but my skin loves it and it will keep wrinkles at bay as we digress from our youthful 25-year-old bodies.


#4 Don’t be afraid of oils

Many people think oils cause skin problems, but really natural oils are crucial to skin health. If you starve your skin of moisture, it will make more oil to try and compensate. Try out some oil products. I love Pai Skincare Organic Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil 30 ml and use it just two or three times a week before bed. It’s especially good when I feel my skin is looking tired. I’ve also heard good things about Bio Oil but I don’t use it on my face personally.


#5 Eat well and supplement

For me cutting dairy and sugars really helped but everybody is different. When it comes to a happy skin diet, just make sure you are getting all your greens. I have upped my vitamin intake in two ways. Firstly with this healthy breakfast recipe packed with seeds. Secondly, through a set of herbals supplement pills. If you want to know more just drop a comment below or DM me at @Lydsie.


#6 Don’t chase fads

Acne can lead you to act like a maniac flitting around the internet buying any and every fad which says ‘clear skin’ on it. Take time to find the product right for you. Trying something for a week and getting annoyed you don’t have a face smooth like a babies ass is not the way to do it. Research ingredients, choose well and stick to them. I like anything with hyaluronic acid in, vitamin E/C or tea tree. A post about my locked in face favourites coming soon.


#7 Don’t be too hard on yourself

Hate to say it guys but a lot of the deal with skin is genetic. Coming to terms with the reality I will probably never have perfect, dewy, Scandinavian skin has been a journey. Accept what you have, make the best of it and be healthy. The worse thing you can do is keep wishing you had a skin type you just don’t have. You gotta love your fine self ya feel me.




Sum up:

Skin can be a really upsetting affair. Your face is such a prominent part of your body but remember, you never look at someone and think “ Ew your spots are disgusting” so it’s unlikely anyone else thinks that of you. And if they do they’re a prick so fuck them. These are the big ones for me but you may be different. I would love to hear your tactics or how you have improved your skin, just comment below or on my Insta.


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