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I really didn’t want to give podcasts the time of day for a long time. I couldn’t see why anyone would choose to listen to someone talk instead of a piece of video content. But after spending months trying to balance stood up, reading my book, crammed into a carriage on the Victoria Line whilst an old man radiated sweaty moistness 2 inches from my face, I decided the slow awkward turning of pages in this overcrowded human Jenga was too much.

So I switched to podcasts. An initially practical decision and I have been hooked for the past year. Every day, to and from work I listen to knowledge, ramblings and stories. It kind of sets me up for the day.

There are so many great podcasts out there that it can be tricky deciding what to get your teeth into. As I have found 4 I fucking love, I will share these with you.


#1 How I Built This with Guy Raz

‘How I built this’ are 30-45 minute episodes in which curious Guy interviews entrepreneurs about their success, failures and the journey of starting a business. From Perry Chen talking about how he built Kickstarter, to Sarah Blakely telling the hard graft story of creating Spanx, this podcast is EXACTLY the dose of motivation that gets me going. Even businesses you think sound dry as fuck, often have these mad stories behind them. Real, hardworking, knocking on doors and getting rejected stories. If you have a single spark of entrepreneurial flame in you, this podcast is sure to start a raging bonfire (see what I did there).


#2 Mogul

Mogul is fairly new and only started in July. Over 6 episodes, music lawyer Reggie Ossé tells a brutally honest story about the life and death of music manager legend Chris Lighty. Chris Lighty was one of the biggest managers in Hop Hop when he put a gun to his head and committed suicide in 2012. Through interviews with his family and friends, splatterings of East Coast beats and recollections of parties which make Wolf of Wall Street seem tame, this podcasts takes you through a life in a way that feels so real, it’s as if you knew the guy. If you want to be hooked in by a story, this is for you.


#3 Stuff you should know

I couldn’t call this site andthecurious.com without including this podcast. ‘Stuff you should know’ does what it says on the tin. Over hundreds of episodes, hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant feed your mind with in depth discussions and research into random AF topics that you need to know (well not really need but they’re interesting). From ‘How Satanism works’ to the intricacies of ‘How free speech works’ you will find yourself utterly impressed by the knowledge they bring, mixed in with some good bants. The only downside to this podcast is deciding which of the many many episodes to start on.


#4 The Nod

‘The Nod’ launched in July and is all about black culture. I now live in London where we’re a mixing pots of all shades and colours, but growing up at a school where there was literally 2 black dudes, I know very little about black culture. I had never heard of an Afrocentric school. I never knew that a street gang called The Lo Lives pretty made Ralph Lauren street. The Nod episode by episode is teaching me lots of stuff my little white life had never thrown up. Whatsmore hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings make it awesome listening.


Sum up:

Have you given podcasts a go yet? Have these suggestions made you want to give them a go? I really think whatever you need on your commute to work, whether it’s a crime drama or motivating ‘the time is now’ mantra, there is something for all. For me this is a great way to time hack, getting more into your day. What’s your favourite podcast atm? Drop me a comment below or on my Insta.


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