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Being a massive environmentalist and an authoritarian recycling addict, I don’t really buy that much ‘stuff’. It helps also that I’m chronically unfashionable and thus it’s not a case of trying to keep up with trends or any of that jazz. But the few purchases I do make, I tend to really love and I think I dig out some gems so I’m going to share with you my 3 September picks.


1/ Anker portable charger

This is a handbag essential. I fucking hate my phone dying and this has saved me so many times. It’s super cheap and lasts about 3-4 charges on a IPhone. It’s also very quick to charge. I’ve used this for a festival, when flying and just generally when I’m out and about all day and it is so handy. It also comes in this cute little pouch, which obviously I lost but I’m disorganised AF.

Anker Power Bank £12.99 from Amazon, #Bargain


2/ Urban Outfitters Mom jeans

You know that 90’s look when someone has a tiny waist and a lush peachy bum? Yeah well, I don’t have that but these jeans are still a god send. If you have a pear shape bod these are a winner but also if you’re lanky and androgynous like me they are still a winner. How do they do it? I don’t know but having tried many many pairs of unflattering jeans, I rate these DGB denim ones. They no doubt will soon be all over my Instagram. 

I’m 5,9” and wear a 26W, 32L.They are supposed to come up short so get used to the ankle-grazing, £55 at Urban Outfitters.


3/ L’Occitane CC cream

I gave up wearing makeup in the week to cure my ratchet skin and since then if I do wear foundation for an event, I feel like I look caked on and kinda old. Whilst I want to look good if I go out for dinner, I don’t want to wear lots of makeup so when I was given this as a gift I was curious. I’ve tried CC creams before but crap cheap ones, this L’Occitane is the shit. It’s super subtle and lightweight so it feels lush but is enough coverage to smooth out your skin. It also smells amazing, my boyfriend always says how nice my face smells…which is weird.

I wear the medium colour, £29. 


That’s all folks!


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