Getting adult braces

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As you may know if you follow my Insta, I recently decided to get adult braces. I went for the white ceramic ones so they are a bit less obvious. It has been a sore 3 threes so far with plenty of cut lips, but I’m still happy I decided to go for it.

Seeing as a work in video tech company, I’m playing around making some videos to tell the story. This is my first ever time videos myself and editing, so fingers crossed you like it.

Sit back and watch my first week with adult braces below.



And as you clicked through, here are some extra pics for the lols.

My teeth before 👇

What I’m trying to do is essentially straighten up the wonky bottom teeth and pull the front big ones in line.

Getting ceramic braces fitted 👇

Here are some bonus hilarious pics of getting them fitted. They had the braces pre-made on a mold of my teeth (that’s the yellow bit below) so they just added glue and pushed them on carefully using a paste to push them on.

And after 👇

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