and the curious

What is going on in the world, I have no idea. Lydia Taylor

My name is Lydia, a 25-year-old creative strategist in silicon roundabout (what we call Old Street, London). 

Spend my days sweating creative and my evenings overthinking things until I’m exhausted and pass out.  

I started this blog out of frustration and curiosity. I’m bored of beauty blogs, I’m bored of fashion, I’m bored of so much value being put on irrelevant things. Let’s bring back the babes with brains. Lydia Taylor and the curious 

Exploring topics of curiosity from tech to science, to what we fuel our bodies with to where we can explore, mixed in a with a healthy dose of mindfuckery. Lydia Taylor and the curious 

 This blog is not for the static minded. Be open, get involved, be curious.  and the curious

 and the curious